About journal

Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review (LASR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing high-quality, original research. LASR is indexed in SCOPUS and classified as Q4 journal in Scimago Journal Rank. LASR is published in the electronic form once per year by General Jonas Zemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania.

LASR reaches out to the academic community and political practitioners and offers ample opportunities for scholarly visibility and potential impact.

The journal focuses on the global, regional and national security and foreign policy problematique which directly or indirectly influence security and defence issues of Lithuania, the Baltic states and the region around.

Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review welcomes the following types of articles: Research Articles, Policy Commentaries, and Book Reviews.

The journal invites submissions in the following areas:

* Small states‘ foreign and security policy in the transatlantic region;

* Threats and challenges to small states;

* Foreign and security policy processes in Russia and Eastern Europe;

* Foreign and security policy processes in the Baltic Sea region;

* Foreign and security policy processes in the transatlantic region.